Compensation Study Information

Compensation Plan Update: Project Nearly Complete
(as of June 16 issue of TeamPlano e-Newsletter)

Human Resources Department shares the latest details on the status of our city-wide compensation plan analysis.

Since we began the City-wide classification and compensation study in August 2015, the Human Resources Department has worked with employees, managers and directors to accomplish the classification phase of the project.  This involved ensuring occupation titles, exemption status (based on Fair Labor Standards Act standards) and job duties were accurate. 

Once this was completed, we entered the compensation phase of the study – the collection of external market data.  Using the Position Analysis Questionnaires (PAQs), the market data was then formatted in order to match/group similar jobs together.  During this phase, Public Sector Personnel Consultants (PSPC) performed prevailing rates computations, a market competitiveness analysis and drafted a compensation methodology.

Currently, Human Resources and the City Manager’s Office are in the process of finalizing the new salary structure and job placement along with input from the Executive Team.  When finished, PSPC will wrap up the market study which includes a financial impact report.  We expect work on the compensation study to be done by the end of the month (June 2016).

Once the study is completed, the Human Resources Department anticipates the implementation phase can begin in August 2016.  Employees will be notified individually about how their positions were affected by this compensation study.

The final step involves the development of job descriptions based on the PAQs. Each employee and his/her supervisor will have the opportunity to review the final job description and provide feedback.  The job descriptions are expected to be completed in the fall.