July 2020

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  1. Tue Jul. 14

    Expressing Yourself (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) This course is part of the Administrative Professional Series. Expressing Yourself – Presenting Your Thoughts and Ideas The ability to express yourself and present ideas clearly and persuasively and in a manner that gets the attention your ideas deserve will get you viewed as a leader using a high priority business skill. The participant will learn how to organize their thoughts with a focus on addressing the needs of the listeners and achieving their objectives while delivering their mes...
  2. Tue Aug. 11

    Goal Setting (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) This course is part of the Administrative Professional Series. Most people understand that you need to have goals to strive for, but many do not understand how to write goals that will allow them to reach the desired target. Too often, goals are vague, open-ended, unrealistic and not focused on the true personal and/or business objectives. This ambiguity leads to confusion, resource drains and misunderstanding, This course reinforces the importance of SMART goals as it identifies the five ...
  3. Thu Aug. 13

    Motivating Employees (For Supervisors) - (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) This course is part of the Supervisor Series. You should already be a supervisor before attending. Motivating Employees Leaders who give others the opportunity to develop give more than just a one-time experience. Development helps people discover new abilities, develop strengths, and re-ignite latent ability thus keeping them motivated in their current positions. Creating an employee who is challenged creates an employee who enjoys their job. Motivating by developing others could posi...
  4. Tue Sep. 8

    New Employee Orientation - PD1601 (CITY OF PLANO EMPLOYEES ONLY) Please arrive by 8:00 AM. When participants complete this session, they should feel comfortable with their understanding of the culture of the City of Plano and how they fit within that culture. The class will explore the expectations that the City has of its employees and in turn what the employees should expect of their employment experience. Welcome to the City of Plano Orientation. Times are approximate. 8:00-12:00 - Orientation 12:00-1:00 - Lunch 1:00-5:00 - Skillsoft Training Module...
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