Leadership for the 21st Century

The Leadership for the 21st Century Program (L21) is designed to help new and potential next-in-line City of Plano leadership talent meet the demands of the modern workplace, and to provide the tools needed to be successful as a leader at the City of Plano. 

L21 is a six-month leadership program, starting each year in April and concluding in September.  Most classes are held every two weeks, facilitated by an array of skilled and experienced leadership instructors.

Applications are accepted each January when the L21 program is advertised in the Team Plano newsletter.  Regular full-time employees, who are in good standing and not currently on probation or under any type of disciplinary action, may apply.  To successfully complete the program, participants cannot miss more than three (3) classes.

For more information about the L21 Program, contact Tony Beasley, L21 Coordinator, at (972) 941-7339.  You can also email Tony at tonyb@plano.gov.