C4H Safety Olympics

2021 C4H Fall Classic Safety Olympics Team Registration

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  2. Events will be done in waves to allow penalty of room to social distance.

  3. Tactical Tuesday

    Tuesday, October 12

    11 am - 1:30 pm

    Tri-City Police Academy; 4912 14th Street

  4. Need For Speed - Police Driving Course

    Test your driving skills navigating through a coned course.

    Fastest Combined Time Wins

  5. Wild-Wild West Shooting Simulator

    Think you are a quick draw? 

    Test your shooting skills as you shoot out targets and score points. 

    Best combined score wins; accuracy result will be used as a tie breaker.

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  7. 2021 C4H Duathlon Relay Race

    Wednesday, October 13

    11 am - 1:30 pm

    Oak Point Park - Red Tail Pavilion

    2801 E Spring Creek Parkway 

    Create a team to run and bike your way around 

    Oak Point Nature Preserve

    Click here for more details and registration!

    Limited to 30 teams

  8. Triple Play Thursday

    Thursday, October 14

    11 am - 1:30 pm at Carpenter Park

    6701 Coit Rd; behind the Recreation Center

  9. Home Run Derby

    Swing for the fences as to try to hit the ball the furthest. 

    Each participant will be given two warm up hits and three scored hits with a tee mounted ball.

    Winning Team will be the furthest combined longest ball hit. 

  10. Longest Throw

    Think you can air it out with accuracy like Dak Prescott? 

    Test your skills at throwing a football at four distant targets.

    Each participant will have 60 seconds to throw three attempts at each of the four targets. Highest combined team score will be the winner. 

    Fastest combined time of completion will be used as a tie breaker.

  11. Fastest Pitch

    Bring the heat like Nolan Ryan did see how fast you can throw. 

    Each participant will be given three throws.

    Winners will be the combined fastest pitch thrown.

  12. If you have any questions regarding the C4H Safety Olympics,

    please email SafetyOlympics@plano.gov

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