Computer Refresh Project 2022

It's that time again -- Computer Refresh is Back!!

It’s time for Technology Services to exchange our current computers and laptops with new, more efficient machines. In preparation for the 2022 citywide computer refresh project (CRP), we will all use a simple strategy: CLEAN MOVE SAVE. This is a big project, but a necessary one. 

This effort replaces our aging desktop technology and:
          • Improves security while reducing cyber risks
          • Modernizes technology and increases productivity
          • Provides easier management of various hardware and software
          • Offers quicker problem resolution and so much more

In June, the first departments will receive new computers and laptops. Everyone is asked to CLEAN. MOVE. SAVE. desktop data files in preparation of getting the new machines. Remove all personal files from all drives. Move and save all necessary work files to the L drive. 

Get PRINTED instructions for moving files:
How to move files
Saving Edge Bookmarks
Saving Google Chrome Bookmarks
Saving IE Bookmarks

Get VIDEO instructions for moving files:
How to move files
Saving Edge Bookmarks
Saving Google Chrome Bookmarks
Saving Internet Explorer Bookmarks

For help opening and export PST files or how to add network printers and more, CLICK ON THE FAQs.

With everyone’s cooperation, we'll enjoy the benefits of this effort and minimize any negative impact to our daily operations.If you need help or have questions, contact your department's CRP "Champion" -- your liaison for help throughout this process. Find your Champion here.

Computer Refresh Dos & Don'ts

Clean or remove ALL personal data
from all computer drives; take them home on a NEW thumb drive.
Move everything from desktop; data files, docs and photos ONLY. Do not email files home; use thumb drive.
Move work files from desktop to temporary "L" drive folder. Move programs (MS Word, Excel, etc.) from desktop to "L" drive.
Save your favorite website links. See the FAQs for instructions. Copy or move shortcuts.
Clear work area of personal items/devices prior to news computer installation/deployment (photo frames,
earbuds, thumb drives, cups, 
card readers, bluetooth mouse, fans, etc.),
so techs can swap computers easily.
Wait until the last minute!
Computer Refresh 2019 REV2

Frequently Asked Questions

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