Wellness Programs, Classes and On-Demand Webinars

Develop Healthy Habits with the “Eat Well” Virtual Nutrition Series

March 17: Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Prediabetes and Treat Type 2 Diabetes 

This webinar will help you understand the latest facts on the role balanced nutrition, physical activity, sleep and a social life play in keeping blood sugar levels in a normal range. Learn strategies to take charge of prediabetes and diabetes management through daily lifestyle changes for improved health.  

Recorded Webinar link: Coming soon!

 March 24: Quick, Healthy Meals for Busy Schedules

This session provides strategies for people with busy schedules. Learn about quick and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, along with cooking and preparation tips.

Recorded Webinar link:https://plano.zoom.us/rec/share/Ns3sTI5U7_cHOgMjZikZac3WmVoynxotd39rxL6oqK2jFEdSmTpzQu3V6AAPt4yN.n9ZdUhaKrmSafMoX 

 March 31: Eating for Energy 

In this webinar, learn to eat well to increase energy throughout the day. Hear about lifestyle and health factors that impact your energy and overall wellness, healthy snack solutions, portion control. Learn to use the hunger scale for “healthful” snacking.

Recorded Webinar link: https://plano.zoom.us/rec/share/u3HyvZPdGa-_-GbV2wDZG8zr83RVUW-qoYs2vdlCP8fjm3R9Q3gkGrV2Yxd_oiKZ.uRAhLf_KyczL49eC

April 7: Seven Habits for Truly Effective Weight Management

This class focuses on seven essential behaviors related to long-term weight management. Whether you are challenged with losing weight or maintaining weight loss, this class is about identifying the real work required to lose weight healthfully. It’s not about promoting a magic bullet and overnight results. 

Recorded Webinar link: https://plano.zoom.us/rec/share/uJGCbieRbDRao-VI8GuSb9-yttunJy_4pclaX1zPSLJRGqaEncWFs1YvBNKlOKmx.9LThd0kxyiUROl0L