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Posted on: December 17, 2020

Fight-off the Late Afternoon Drag with 5 Stretches in 5 Minutes

Yoga stretching at a desk

It’s around 2:40…2:50 p.m. and you can feel your body and mind slipping into afternoon-twilight mode. Instead of jacking up on caffeine or sugar to make it to quitting time, Weight Watchers (WW) suggests an alternative energy booster. Try five quick and easy desk stretches. 

Whether working from home or the office, tensions and stress (especially during the holidays…AND a pandemic) can affect how well we function. In about the time it takes to crank up the Keurig, you can do these simple stretches for a pick-me-up:

Kick-back, log-on pose – While sitting at your desk, interlace fingers behind your head. Relax elbows and shoulders. Breathe and stretch elbows back.

Keyboard calisthenics – Place hands in prayer position, wiggle your fingers in all directions and stretch. Then, squeeze fists tight. Next, stretch fingers wide. Interlace fingers and rotate hands.
Knee-to-head chair stretch – While sitting, interlace fingers below the right knee. Raise right leg up toward the chest and bend forehead toward your knee. Switch legs.

Chair twist – Cross left leg over right. Place your right hand or elbow on the crossed knee. Gently turn the body to the left and look behind you. Switch legs and twist the other way.


Lower back bend - Standing, grab the edge of your desk or counter and step back a couple of feet. Spread feet shoulder-width apart. Let your upper body stretch down, relaxing the head and neck.

To cap it off, Weight Watchers encourages taking long, deep breaths afterwards. 

Remember, all City employees can join WW at any time. See the Weight Watchers flyer for more info and a registration code for the 75% discount:

  • Virtual WW Workshops + Digital eTools at the cost of $10 per month
  • Digital eTools ONLY for a monthly cost of $4.50 per month

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