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Posted on: January 27, 2021

Make 2021 the Year of You, Team Plano!

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All January Senior Wellness Coordinator Michelle Gifford has been sharing messages about self-care. “I have been talking to Team Plano members about how to do this through the TeamPlano Newsletter, emails and your monthly Toilet Talk readers,” she said. Why? To encourage everyone to make this the Year of You! 

What does that mean exactly? 
“I want you to think of wellness as being self-directed, evolving, holistic, multidimensional, positive and inclusive,” she continues. All dimensions of wellness need attention for us to truly flourish in life. Our wellness guru concludes, “There really doesn’t need to be a balance among all the dimensions. The goal is to find personal harmony that’s most authentic to you.” 

How do you get there?
You get there by practicing active self-awareness, acceptance and most importantly, personal commitment. Here is a quick run-down of the eight dimensions followed by tips on how to make this the best year for yourself: wellness-8 (002)

  1. Emotional/Mental Dimension – Focuses on how you cope effectively, have positive self-regard, and create healthy and satisfying personal relationships. 
  2. Environmental Dimension – Examines whether your environment is pleasant, stimulating and supportive of wellbeing.
  3. Financial Dimension – Delves into the condition of your current and future financial status. 
  4. Intellectual Dimension – Explores the ability to recognize ways to expand your knowledge and skills through intellectually stimulating activities. 
  5. Occupational Dimension – Encourages questioning if you have both personal satisfaction and enrichment from your work.
  6. Physical Dimension – Focuses on recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods and sleep for personal health and wellbeing. 
  7. Social Dimension – Invites you to develop a sense of connection, belonging and a well-developed personal and professional support system. 
  8. Spiritual Dimension – Probes into whether you feel a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Tips for a great new year:

  • Focus on the positive, even if in a negative situation
  • Find opportunity…even in the difficulty 
  • Reframe your thought process (i.e. see 2020 as lessons learned, not the year endured) 
  • Be thankful 
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Be brave (rather than be hampered by negativity)
  • Don’t make a mountain from a molehill 
  • Focus on the solution, not the problem 
  • Start fresh and focus on the new

Get started on the Year of You, Team Plano!
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